Ed Massery; Massery Photography, Inc.; Visitor Center at Frick Art & Historical Center; Wilson Architects; loysen + kreuthmeier architects

Architectural Photography Requires Planning and Patience

It is critical to be able to see the potential compositions for show-casing a building's design and telling it's story. Only after the big picture is taken in, and broken down into various compositions, can a photographer begin the process of photographing.  This ability along with planning and patience will give you a successful outcome. PLANNING - Photographing architecture is  a very deliberate form of photography.  The photographer needs to first understand his subject before picking up a camera.  When possible, this can be accomplished by reviewing drawings, site plans, and talking with the architect and or the builder. Next, walking the site and determining how the facades are exposed to direct, and indirect sun light is important in determining the use of architectural lighting. The example below illustrates how advanced planning and scouting the location the evening before is crucial.  The ideal location was determined after the camera was setup and test compositions were made.  If...

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Ed Massery; Massery Photography, Inc.; Industrial Scientific Headquarters; designed by CH2M Hill

Industrial Scientific

Case Study - Industrial Scientific Client: Architects: CH2M Hill https://www.ch2m.com/what-we-do/industry/architecture, General Contractor: Mascaro Construction http://www.mascaroconstruction.com/ , and Industrial Scientific http://www.indsci.com/ Client’s Request: 20 interior and 10 to ­20 exterior photos taken of the project. Preparation: A test shoot consisting of an in-depth tour of the facilities was necessary considering the size and scope of the project. Process: While listening to the various tour participants describe and discuss the design requirements and challenges faced for the project, I made about 85 unique photos to test various compositions using a handheld digital 35mm. The clients were presented with the 85 test photos and selected 23 test photos to be used as a guide for making the final photographs. Considerations: When looking for viable composition, the following criteria was considered but not limited to: Is the subject unique? Does it help to tell the story of the project’s design and construction? Does it convey a feature of the project? Exterior Photos: After an extensive conversation with the architect, it was decided the exterior...

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Ed Massery; Massery Photography, Inc.; Sota Construction; studio d'ARC Architects

Office building insulated with straw bales

Just a few years back Sota Construction Services http://www.sotaconstruction.com/ wanted to build a "green" office building for its head quarters.  The architects from Studio d'Arc http://www.sdapgh.com/ were brought in to make it happen.  A steel frame was constructed, concrete floors were poured, then came the walls. The walls were constructed of a wood frame and infilled with 18" thick straw bales.  Not just any straw, is was locally sourced wheat straw which provided a thermal insulating value of R48. Next a vapor barrier was applied, then wire mesh was laid over top to hold in place the 2" of Earth Plaster, and finished with a lime plaster to protect the earth clay from deteriorating.  The building comes very close to having a net zero carbon footprint. The project uses geo thermal wells for heating and a dehumidification system to cool the building in summer. Western Pa, West Virginia, and eastern Ohio are well know for clays used in the ceramic...

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Ed Massery; Massery Photography, Inc.; New York Offices of Cooper Carry Architects

Cooper Carry Offices – New York

Case Study - Cooper Carry Offices in NYC Client: The NYC design offices of Cooper Carry HQ’d in Atlanta, GA Client’s Request: Eight to nine unique compositions to illustrate the office space with both agency models and office employees. Time Restrictions: The agency models were scheduled from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on a Saturday. Preparation: To best utilize the hired talent, a firm plan was needed to maximize the use of the agency models. We arrived at the location mid-­afternoon the Thursday prior to the Saturday shoot to take a series of handheld test photos of the space. After the test photos were processed, they were compiled into a PDF and the client selected 9 compositions. On Friday, we proceeded to set up and shoot four of the selected compositions using the employees from the office. The areas to be photographed on Saturday with the agency models were prepared as well. Photo Shoot: We arrived at 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning to begin setting up...

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Ed Massery; Massery Photography, Inc.; Gateway Center Station; Pfaffmann Associates; Edge Studio(now GBBN)Ed Massery; Massery Photography, Inc.;

Pittsburgh Architectural Photography

As a talented and experienced architectural photographer, Ed Massery has been taking Pittsburgh by storm. Shooting multiple projects in the city, the Pittsburgh architectural photographer uses his knowledge of architecture and keen artistic eye to capture the essence of each building and landscape.   Pittsburgh is the home of both historical and modern pieces of architecture. This Pittsburgh architectural photographer has had the opportunity of shooting several of the city’s most recognizable landmarks.   4Moms With it’s headquarters located downtown on Fort Duquesne Blvd, this Pittsburgh prominent business is devoted to creating innovative baby products to make the lives of parents easier.     Suited to the company’s mission, the inside of the building is contemporary and cutting edge. The 2,200 square feet location is an open floor plan where no barriers exist within the space, going beyond transparent work spaces. Ed Massery captured the industrial themed headquarters in several photos of comfortable and relaxed lounge areas,...

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