Ed Massery; Massery Photography, Inc.; Gateway Center Station; Pfaffmann Associates; Edge Studio(now GBBN)Ed Massery; Massery Photography, Inc.;

Pittsburgh Architectural Photography

As a talented and experienced architectural photographer, Ed Massery has been taking Pittsburgh by storm. Shooting multiple projects in the city, the Pittsburgh architectural photographer uses his knowledge of architecture and keen artistic eye to capture the essence of each building and landscape.   Pittsburgh is the home of both historical and modern pieces of architecture. This Pittsburgh architectural photographer has had the opportunity of shooting several of the city’s most recognizable landmarks.   4Moms With it’s headquarters located downtown on Fort Duquesne Blvd, this Pittsburgh prominent business is devoted to creating innovative baby products to make the lives of parents easier.     Suited to the company’s mission, the inside of the building is contemporary and cutting edge. The 2,200 square feet location is an open floor plan where no barriers exist within the space, going beyond transparent work spaces. Ed Massery captured the industrial themed headquarters in several photos of comfortable and relaxed lounge areas,...

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