Ed Massery; Massery Photography, Inc.; Industrial Scientific Headquarters; designed by CH2M Hill

Industrial Scientific

Case Study - Industrial Scientific Client: Architects: CH2M Hill https://www.ch2m.com/what-we-do/industry/architecture, General Contractor: Mascaro Construction http://www.mascaroconstruction.com/ , and Industrial Scientific http://www.indsci.com/ Client’s Request: 20 interior and 10 to ­20 exterior photos taken of the project. Preparation: A test shoot consisting of an in-depth tour of the facilities was necessary considering the size and scope of the project. Process: While listening to the various tour participants describe and discuss the design requirements and challenges faced for the project, I made about 85 unique photos to test various compositions using a handheld digital 35mm. The clients were presented with the 85 test photos and selected 23 test photos to be used as a guide for making the final photographs. Considerations: When looking for viable composition, the following criteria was considered but not limited to: Is the subject unique? Does it help to tell the story of the project’s design and construction? Does it convey a feature of the project? Exterior Photos: After an extensive conversation with the architect, it was decided the exterior...

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