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About Ed Massery

Architectural photographer Ed Massery has traveled the world carefully capturing the places people live, work, and play. Nearing thirty years of experience, Ed is known for his mastery of natural light and embrace of logistical challenges.

A deep appreciation for art, architecture, and nature fuel Ed’s passion for his craft. Trained as an engineer, Ed shot his first photograph on his father’s 50’s era camera, taking it out to the airfield where he worked. There, he developed his eye for structure, photographing the trees, bushes, planes, and buildings around him. As he honed his technical skills, he further developed his eye for composition. His technical training gave him an appreciation for the complexity of the built environment, and he became fascinated by how buildings interact with their surrounding environment to define the character of a place. Decades after exploring the airfield, Ed continues to marry artistry with meticulous technique in his work, capturing architecture in a way that highlights its place among humanity’s most ambitious endeavors.

Ed utilizes digital technologies in a meticulous process, valuing precision and detail in his craft. Through a complex application of layering, he depicts not only the existing structure of his subject matter, but also shows the potential of what that structure can be, conveying a sense of place, depth and visual impact.
His extensive portfolio attests to his expertise as an artist who has refined the art of documenting of architecture, exploring a building’s function and skillfully expressing its dramatic contributions to the human experience. See more insights from his experience on his blog. Ed’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums, including the Heinz Architectural Center at the Carnegie Museum of Art. He has been published in numerous prominent architectural and design magazines—including Architectural Record, Architecture, Surface, Metropolis, and Azure—and in three books.



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