The News That’s Taking Massery Photography to New Heights

I am proud to announce that I have earned the FAA certification for commercial use of a drone, an achievement that complements my pilot’s license of over 30 years. This new certification brings together, for the first time, my love of aviation and flying with my passion for architectural photography.

My first photograph was of an airplane and I have come full circle–from watching the airplanes depart and land at the nearby airstrip, to earning my pilot license as a teenager, to today, as I take my photography practice to new heights. With this certification I aim to highlight the many dynamic relationships between the built environment and natural landscape and show my clients the value of these new perspectives. 

Mt. Lebanon, PA

Saint Bernard Church

Saint Bernard Church sits just outside of Pittsburgh in Mt. Lebanon Township. For 18 months I photographed the church–capturing the interior and exterior details in full. These photographs were commissioned for a beautiful publication, The Art and Architecture of St .Bernard Church, by Thomas Wilson (St. Bernard Church, 1995). 

Field Notes

Perspectives, photographs, and notes from my photography studio. 

Dormont, Pennsylvania

My neighborhood Dormont, at sunset. This shot looks west towards Mount Lebanon, Saint Bernard Church is just barely visible in the top center of the photograph. 

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