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Summer provides ample opportunity to photograph the outdoors and in between trips to the beach and picnics in the park, the best way to capture these moments is through your phone! Recently, I led a workshop called “Photograph Architecture with your Smartphone” for students at the Pre-College Architecture Program at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Like professional digital photography, the key to capturing architecture on your smartphone relies on thoughtful lighting, sight lines, and the rule of thirds.

Thank you José Pertierra-Arrojo, Special Faculty Director at CMU for the opportunity! Interested in learning more tips or participating in the lesson? Let me know by replying directly to this email.

Thank you for reading!


July Theme: Outdoor Living

The projects highlighted above come to life during the summer. Each offers room for lounging, socializing, exploring, and playing. Through a thoughtful onsite photoshoot and a dedicated post-processing routine, I capture outdoor architecture in its best light.

From top: Avenue Four Analytics & Foundation Analytics (Pfaffmann + Associates), Stone Residence (Desmone Architects), Cork Factory & Lot 24 Residences (McCaffery Interests), Deep Creek, Maryland (Devlin Architecture), Live/Work Studio (studio d’ARC), Three Additions (Mary Barensfeld Architecture), Ohio Residence (Strollo Architects), Smallman Luxury Condos (Desmone Architects), Indianola Residence (Bohin Cywinski Jackson), Market Street Townhomes (Peter Margittai Architects)

Featured Project: Gateway Light Rail Station

Gateway Station is a stunning example of transit design. The station by Light/Motion Collaborative, a joint venture by GBBN Architects/EDGE Studio and Pfaffmann + Associates, uses a curved glass and steel structure to connect the underground station with the light and motion of the city above.

The views from the ground level to the inside of the station, and vice-versa from the train platform to the street-level, is a beautiful architectural moment that is best experienced in person.

This clever design, with the help of some camera manipulation, could only be captured through a series of photos documenting the structure. 

The final product is a composite panorama, although not the “point and shoot” panorama many of us are familiar with on our smartphones. Here, I captured the scene piece-by-piece to later connect them together. This ensures the resulting composite, in this case, a glowing Gateway Station, is captured in full.

Architect: Light/Motion Collaborative (GBBN/EDGE Studio & Pfaffmann + Associates)
Client: Pittsburgh Port Authority of Allegheny County
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Awards: AIA Pennsylvania Honor Award for Architecture, AIA Pennsylvania Merit Award, Pittsburgh Silver Medal Award
News: GBBN Principal, Anne Chen was recently interviewed about her work in En Pointe.

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