Pittsburgh Architectural Photography

As a talented and experienced architectural photographer, Ed Massery has been taking Pittsburgh by storm. Shooting multiple projects in the city, the Pittsburgh architectural photographer uses his knowledge of architecture and keen artistic eye to capture the essence of each building and landscape.

Pittsburgh is the home of both historical and modern pieces of architecture. This Pittsburgh architectural photographer has had the opportunity of shooting several of the city’s most recognizable landmarks.


photography- Ed Massery, Massery Photography Inc. 412-344-6129 digital – Tom Underiner~Pixel River 412-344-7119 GBBN Architects/ GBBN + Edge Studio PITTSBURGH 412-345-5005

With it’s headquarters located downtown on Fort Duquesne Blvd, this Pittsburgh prominent business is devoted to creating innovative baby products to make the lives of parents easier.

Suited to the company’s mission, the inside of the building is contemporary and cutting edge. The 2,200 square feet location is an open floor plan where no barriers exist within the space, going beyond transparent work spaces. Ed Massery captured the industrial themed headquarters in several photos of comfortable and relaxed lounge areas, open and friendly lounge/kitchen space and diverse production zones.

Gateway Center Station

Gateway Center Station - Pittsburgh

The link between downtown Pittsburgh and the North Shore, the Gateway Center Station, commonly referred to as the ‘T’, is located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh and is one of the most popular stops of the city’s subway system.

Ed Massery took numerous photos of this structure. In order to truly depict the curved glass walls of the station, the Pittsburgh architectural photographer shot various times of the day including dawn, dusk, daytime and nighttime. His interior shots not only depicted the tradition subway system, but the unique construction, the flooding of light and the amazing view of the city. Through his exterior photos Ed Massery was able to represent the distinctive architecture of the building – even shooting high off the ground to capture an aerial view of the station.

PNC Park

PNC Park

Home to the Pittsburgh Pirates, the stadium located on the North Shore offers a spectacular view of the city skyline across the Ohio River.

To best represent PNC Park, a single photo by Ed Massery was all that was needed to acquire the ultimate view from the inside of the stadium. Taken May 8, 2001 during the first standing room only sell out of the new park, the photo features a one of a kind backdrop of the Pittsburgh city skyline at sunset. This photo is Pittsburgh architectural photography at it’s finest.  see more at:    https://edmassery.com/

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