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Happy fall! 

This month I’m excited to share some opportunities to see my photographs in person. I’d also like to congratulate this year’s AIA 2019 Award Winners, highlighted at the end of this email.

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ON VIEWA Pittsburgh Anthology

Carnegie Museum of Art 
Scaife Galleries 
August 15, 2019–Ongoing

A current exhibition at the Carnegie Museum of Art (CMoA), A Pittsburgh Anthology, displays my photograph Civic Arena Yields to the Pittsburgh Skyline (2012), alongside other artworks from the museum collection that celebrate stories of creative life in Pittsburgh. If you visit the exhibition, grab a card (right) with my photograph and a short article by Alyssum Skjeie and Charlene Foggie Barnett from the CMoA

Check out my latest blog post about the Civic Arena. 

It’s been almost ten years since the Mellon Arena (once known as the Civic Arena) was demolished, but a 2013 City Paper article by Charles Rosenblum remains relevant—he captures the essence of my photography and the architectural impact of the Civic Arena perfectly.

“Massery is an accomplished visual poet for hire. In his frequent work photographing buildings for the architects, contractors or other entities who build them, he has a knack for capturing the right moment…Massery seems to know, lighting from within and without, that dusky moment when the building looks its best.”

–Charles Rosenblum, “If you miss the Civic Arena, photographer Ed Massery has your fix.” Read more here. 


My photographs can be found in a few places around Pittsburgh. Here, they are on the walls of the AIA Pittsburgh offices downtown. If you’d like to order a print for your home or office space, get in touch. 

Learn more about this series, The Neighborhoods of Pittsburgh (2013–2017), in my new blog post on photographing the Steel City


Every fall, the AIA Pittsburgh celebrates architecture and design through awards, competitions, and an exhibition. This year, I worked with several firms to photograph their projects for submission. The two buildings below were among those recognized for their design merit. Check out the full list of award winners here—congratulations to all!

Women’s Center and Shelter, Rothschild Doyno Collaborative

Social Equity Design Award

This new women’s shelter by Rothschild Doyno Collaborative is a leader in the community and provides necessary space for victims of domestic violence. The renovation of the building transformed the institutional shelter into a sanctuary for victims.

Latham House, Module 

Small Projects, Certificate of Merit 

Latham House is an 880-square-foot urban infill project by Pittsburgh-based firm Module. The jury recognized the project’s outstanding attention to detail and use of energy-efficient materials. Take a virtual tour of the space here.

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